Whole blanched peanut roasted kernels

Whole Blanched Peanut Roasted Kernels

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Whole Blanched Peanut Roasted Kernels

Experience the pure, irresistible taste of Qland’s whole blanched peanut roasted kernels . We start with meticulously
selected, premium-grade peanuts, ensuring the finest quality
from the very beginning. The process employs advanced air
technology to hygienically remove the skins and gently roast
the peanuts. This process not only enhances the natural flavor
of the peanuts but also maintains their nutritional integrity. 

Our delightful whole blanched peanut roasted kernels are
more than just a healthy snack; they’re a taste sensation. We
offer a premium range of different roasts, including High
Roasted, Medium Roasted, and Low Roasted Peanuts, allowing
you to choose the perfect level of flavor and crunch.

In addition to being a delicious snack, our whole blanched peanut roasted kernels are a versatile ingredient, perfect for
adding a flavorful twist to your favorite recipes. Sprinkle them
over salads or incorporate them into baked goods – the
possibilities are endless.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Flavor:

The blanching process enhances the peanut's natural taste.

The Crunch:

Our advanced roasting methods create a satisfyingly crisp texture.

Peanut Profiles

Peanut size:

38/42, 40/45 40/50, 45/50

We Prefered:

1 kg to 25 kg corrugated box with a PP outer vacuum layer. We can customize the packaging according to the buyer's needs.

Uses :

At supermarkets, bakeries, and other stores. Choose from a variety of options including whole peanuts, peanut butter, cookies, coated peanuts, flavored peanuts, and more.

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